What do i need consulting for?

With the world of online marketing being so massive, it can be intimidating and extremely time consuming for businesses to do the research it takes to understand what makes other websites effective and then be introspective of their own site. How do you know if your website is intuitive enough? Do you have too many pictures? How do I make mobile websites since I paid for a desktop version? These are all questions which require spending hundreds of hours online searching for various criteria to meet, especially when trying to understand the "why?".

Osprey has spent the last 15 years observing and asking ourselves that "why?". With this experience, we offer consultations about how your new or preexisting website should look and operate. Together, we can discuss the necessities for your business to succeed online, and draft a general plan-of-action for you to follow. You can easily turn your consultation session into a website design, saving you the time and energy needed to create your strongest piece of advertisement.

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