We know that today's world is dominated by having an online presence, and that having a website is integral to maintaining one. What is a little more nuanced is how to organically promote your company through your website without continuously putting in time creating advertisement campaigns. For this task, we have Search Engine Optimization to automate the work for us.

The most powerful component of SEO is that the traffic driven to your website consists of people who already want what you offer. This alone puts your business at an automatic advantage every time someone visits your site through searches. For business owners, it's the equivalent of someone suggesting your business to their friends and loved ones; there's already a sense of trust and desire before they've even walked in the door. You didn't do anything to bring this customer in, but instead they have come to you.

Mobile devices account for more than 50% of the searches performed on Google.

Mobile devices account for more than 50% of the searches performed on Google.

As with any other portion of your website, efficiency is key. Search engines hone in on keywords and other variables to determine who gets to the top of a search. When you search "Build a shelf" on Google, who comes up first? Exclusively it'll be the website who has employed SEO and revises it periodically.

To exponentially increase the importance of of having SEO tied into your website, we have the power of modern phones: the ability to search any business at any time. Consumers desire trusted businesses so strongly that they'll whip out their phone and have determined if they'll ever do business with you in less than a minute. With such a fast-paced culture, the necessity to be in the top of the search rankings is vital to your businesses growth.

Nuances are the strongest points in businesses, as they're what separates your company from your competitors. Osprey is here to help you reach your fullest online potential by capitalizing on the most important nuance in the online industry. Together, we can make your business reach new heights.