The Road Kings of Burbank were established in 1952 in Burbank, California.  The Club was initially formed as a racing club….with a few hot rods mixed in. Many of the early members had reputations for their drag racing exploits. Today they are much more hot rod focused and take part of car shows all over the Greater Los Angeles Area.


The Road Kings of Burbank needed a modern website to help solve some major issues they had. Their old website was outdated and incredibly hard to maintain. They also wanted to attract new members. However, everywhere they looked designers were either way too expensive or ....not very good. Then they found out about us. We promised, as we do with all our clients, lower rates than the competition as well as long lasting technically support and training.




The website had to fulfill several majors areas:

  1. have a modern/sleek aesthetic

  2. employ dynamic web design so that it looks good regardless if a user is on a phone, a tablet or a computer

  3. be easy for the client update with new content.

  4. have a member's only section

  5. list the refurbished cars and merchandise they had for sale


  • Easy to operate backend, updating anything on website can be done in minutes using a easy to use GUI.

  • Member's only section was a hit. Passwords can be easily changed on the fly.

  • The website works perfectly regardless of the device the user is using

  • Overall design was incredibly popular with all of the board members.


You can view the website yourself by clicking the button below which will open up it in a new tab in your web browser.