Dave Parker has been a photographer for more than 40 years. He first started off small, taking photos while he was at car shows or family vacations as a hobbyist.


Dave had a website that he wasn’t too happy with. He wanted a website with a storefront that would “wow” his customers. He also wanted a platform that allowed him to show off all his photo galleries. All things that his old website didn’t allow or didn’t do well. He came to us hoping we’d be able to help him grow and expand his business. We took a look at his case and decided to undertake the huge project at a cost he would be able to afford.

The main page of the client's website.


The website had to fulfill four majors areas:

  1. Showcase all photo albums he had while allowing them to be easily editable.

  2. Strong back end allowing purchases to made in a secure environment.

  3. Dynamic, robust and elegant website that allows mobile devices with a good data connection to view the galleries.

  4. Photo ID system allowing customers to easily buy photos and refer to them.


  • We created an innovative way of browsing his photo galleries and integrating a sku system on the photos with watermarks on them. This was done by creating a “batcher” which applies all the watermarks via a formula.

  • By implementing ajax loading to the website we allowed mobile devices with good data connection to easily browse the site.

  • The store was implemented secured by HTTPS and SSL allowing purchases to be made without worry. We also added a customer profile system.

You can view the website yourself by clicking the button below which will open up it in a new tab in your web browser.